LABO . Symbiosis
tracks Harmonic plants java

What is this, what does it shows?

Lemme explain:
Each node is connected to one or several other nodes.
It emits and absorbes sequentially a kind of sap through the pipes. The pipes have two ends and a capacity depending on its length.
Each time the node is full of sap, it grows and increase its side of the pipe, giving and taking more at each iteration.
This videos shows that, after a while, some nodes gather nearly all the sap available in the system.

Graphical code:

Per node:
2 numbers = initial and current capacity
thick white arc = average content on capacity
red to green circle = current content
rotating line = cycle position ( bottom -> emit / top -> gather )

Per connector:
rectangle = capacity ( white stroke ) & content ( red to green )
numbers = size of the end of the pipe